A Boutique Service Provider in Human Resources Area By Delivering Excellent Solutions Consistently to Clients.


Creating Inspiration, Managing Dynamics, and Reaching Realization for Mature and Enlightened Industrial Relationship.


We Always Maintain Clients to Attain Effection Cost for Overall Solution

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We provide contractual employees for non-strategic decision category to be positioned in the Client’s office (as leasing employee) under our supervision. Such categories include receptionist, driver, finance, administration, sales, secretary, etc.
For our personnel, we use 360 degrees feedback approach to maximize our client’s satisfaction. By using this approach, we perform effective evaluation of individual competencies by superior, direct reports, peers and external contacts (out side division).

Outsourcing Services includes:

  • Recruiting Process
  • Handling Payroll Service
  • Third Payment Services
  • Managing full protection for the employee with Health Insurance Program


We provide excellent class human resource development training, for core techniques and soft skills. Our trainers have been involved in several consulting projects with world class partner and have been applying many contemporary consulting techniques in various industries.

Regularly we conduct public training, workshop or seminar with special subject. In case of special demand of client, we suppose to offer tailor-made course what we called in house training.

We are also in process of expansion to organize event like Job Fair/Career Festival. Partnering with a premier Communication Company, we also manage to organize event based on Clients need.

JALUR KERJA (JKcom) is our latest milestone! JKCom isa new bridge for employee and employer.

As a job portal, JKcom is intended to strengthen our data-base (both employee and employer) for Outsourcing and Executive Search Service.

Un like other job portal, JKcom is not only IT-based but also supported by HR Service done by CHR as its backbone. Then, it is an integration of IT and HR Service.

Other uniqueness of JKcom, again unlike other jobportal, is that Employer may register as member and post its job vacancies for free. We want JKcom as one of alternative solution for employment issue in Indonesia. We should provide jobs more, and much more.


“A Boutique Service Provider In Telecommunication Area by Delivering Excellent Solutions consistently to Clients”

• Providing reliable End to End Telecommunication Services
• Leading the way in Service Delivery with Innovation, Simplicity and Quality
• Providing valuable contribution to successful of our costumers project objectives achievement

• Project Management Services
• Telecom Experts Service Provisioning
• Network Design & Optimization
• Telecom Implementation
• Managed Service
• Quality Audit